About StormCorp

Real-time business Intelligence

StormCorp products perform real-time analysis of your business, which means that you can obtain any information upon request from anywhere in the world. Direct data access policy eliminates the need in any interfaces or interim data storages, thus allowing to get rid of those complex and tricky elements which are superseded by BI tools.

Vision & Values

Data processing can be difficult but a data examination tool should be easy, intuitive, and almost imperceptible. We believe that easy and intuitive access to real-time data is critical to make the right decisions, that’s why we created a system which allows you to process data as you please. We are committed to providing every user with an opportunity to process data without being a technical expert.

Our Team

StormCorp has been developing innovative software solutions in cooperation with large banks and financial institutions since 2012. We employ talented developers, software architects, marketers, data processing specialists with extensive practical experience in major companies around the world. We have achieved a lot and continue developing Storm — an essential assistant in data analysis and making effective and efficient business decisions.


Our team is ready to provide prompt 24/7 technical support for your business. Storm is a powerful and flexible BI tool. However, when you start using the system, you may have certain questions. We have all the necessary knowledge and skills to solve your issues and will be happy to answer all your questions.


We’re focused on the needs of our customers and strive to open new markets to provide organizations around the world with powerful growth opportunities. Our mission is to help you open up new opportunities of data processing and improve performance of your business on every level.
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