This page presents answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding Storm. If you can’t find the answer to your question here, please contact our technical support using the feedback form. We’ll promptly answer all your questions.
1What is Storm?
Storm is Business intelligence System that allows to have a detailed overview of your data.
2Who uses Storm?
Storm users can be managers, department heads, business analysts, financial specialists, , employees of the commercial and marketing departments, and others who are faced with data analysis issues and have to take decisions.
3Why I need Storm?
You need Storm to make informed financial, marketing, and management decisions.
4What Storm is used for?
Storm is used to analyze data in real time, build reports, and make decisions.
5Which data sources I may use with Storm?
Storm interacts with any data sources with which an ODBC connection is possible. For example, data sources for Storm may be Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL Server, MS Access, MS Excel, IBM DB2 and some others.
6Do I need data warehouse to use Storm?
Not necessary. There are two options: Storm can be used with your data warehouse or you operational database.
7What kinds of data visualization are available in Storm?
In Storm visualizations such as Lists, Matrixes, different kinds of Charts, Pivots, Stat boxes, QML, Web pages, Maps, HTML, Text, XML, Images, Calendar, Preview, Customized Reports
8May I export the data from Storm?
Yes. Data from the storm can be exported to all major formats: XML, PDF, HTML, Excel, and others
9May I create reports with Storm?
Yes, Storm has its own integrated reporting.
10Do I need any complex import process to pass my data to Storm?
No, Storm does not need a complex process of importing your data. Storm can work directly with your data.
11What happens if I change the data my database?
If you change the data in your database, the data in Storm will also update.
12I've always used Excel. Why should I start using Storm?
For the adoption of correct operational and strategic management decisions, it is often not enough to analyze flat data when the data is analyzed in a single plane. Summary reports are often required. Building such reports manually, for example, using excel, is very time-consuming. And sometimes it's almost impossible. A storm allows you to do this kind of work in a few clicks.
13May I use Storm demo version for my business and what are the limitations?
For your business, you can try the free version of Storm. In the future, you can purchase a licensed version or order a project development - a unique version of Storm for the specific needs of your business.
14Do I need a permanent connection to the database when working with Storm?
Constant connection to the database when working with the Storm is not necessary. It is enough to upload data to Storm's dashboard.
15Can I create my own custom widget in Storm?
Yes, in Storm you can create your own custom widget using HTML or QML.
16In what format does Storm save the configuration?
Storm configuration is created as a set of XML files.
17Are there any limits to the amount of data in Storm I can work with?
There are no limits on the amount of data in Storm that you can work with. The only limit is you computer RAM.
18My data are very complex. Can you do the project for me?
Oh sure. We provide consulting services and create projects for our clients.
19Does Storm has any special requirement?
No, there are no special requirements for the use of Storm.
20Is it possible to customize Storm behavior adding my own functions and widgets?
Yes, Storm allows you to create and customize your own functions and widgets using HTML, QML, JS.
21Does Storm allow you to customize the display of data in the dashboard after downloading from the database? For example, hide some values?
Yes, Curtain allows you to pre-configure the display of data in the dashboard after they are downloaded from the database. For example, for some users, you can hide employee salaries and bonuses or other unwanted data for display. Or, you can configure to hide certain fields by certain dates. Etc
22Will Storm modify my data?
No Storm does not change your data in any way, it only works for reading. But if you need to, it is possible to create forms for data entry.

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