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Storm is a unique business intelligence system (BI) which helps collect and analyze the required data in real time. The system provides all the necessary information for you to make the right decisions and greatly increase performance of your business. Your data become a live environment. This tool helps make predictions and analyze any process on all levels of your organization. Storm will collect your data and convert it to a powerful analytical asset, thus unleashing full potential of your business.

Nothing is impossible with Storm!

Business intelligence (BI) market growth

The market of business intelligence (BI) systems and demand for data analysis solutions are rapidly growing. According to Gartner research agency, in 2017, the global volume of the BI market will reach US$ 18 billion, and by 2020, it will increase to US$ 29 billion.



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BI market in 2017



BI market growth



BI market in 2020




Storm Success Stories

We’re dedicated to delivering the efficient tools that solve our customers' problems. Our solutions helped our customers solve their data access problems, investment portfolio analysis, real-time credit risk analysis. With Storm, we are able to get a better understanding of sources of profitability.
Learn about a simple solution for complex problems in the banking and other industries — Storm.

Compatibility Will All Data Types

A unique advantage of our system is that it can connect to several data sources simultaneously without interfering with their integrity or structure. Our proprietary technology ensures compatibility with the main information products, including 1C, SAP, GIT, Olympic, Avaloq, Finnova, Apsys, T24, and other solutions for any industries. Besides, Storm supports all types of databases, including but not limited to Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL. Real-time connection ensures relevance and accuracy of the displayed data.
Storm is a user-friendly and intuitive solution which is many times superior to other BI systems.
  • MariaDB поддерживается системой бизнес аналитики Storm
  • XML поддерживается системой бизнес аналитики Storm
  • СУБД IBM DB2 которая поддерживается системой бизнес аналитики Storm
  • MYSQL Server поддерживается системой бизнес аналитики Storm
  • mongoDB поддерживается системой бизнес аналитики Storm
  • MySQL поддерживается системой бизнес аналитики Storm
  • Oracle databese поддерживается системой бизнес аналитики Storm
  • PostgreSQL поддерживается системой бизнес аналитики Storm
  • SQLite поддерживается системой бизнес аналитики Storm
  • Sybase поддерживается системой бизнес аналитики Storm

Suitable for all fields

Storm will reduce your manual data processing and analysis tasks, eliminate routine processes, and allow your employees to focus on generation of ideas to be put into practice in their units. Your business will have a competitive advantage in the market.
Collect and analyze data with Storm in all areas, use the most powerful technologies that will bring you to the next level.

  • Financial institutions

  • IT companies

  • Municipal Administrations

  • Wholesalers

  • Manufacturers

  • Logistics and delivery services

  • Top Management

  • Pharmaceuticals industry

  • Banking sector

  • Meteorological services

  • Insurance companies

  • Real estate

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